The Gundaroo Vision Plan

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Gundaroo is a small village in New South Wales about 40 km north-east of Canberra. The total population is around 600 in the village and its surroundings to about a 15km radius.

It is an attractive and historical village much valued by the local community.

The Gundaroo Vision Plan is a statement by this community of the assets it wishes to protect and how it wishes the village and surroundings to develop in future. Whilst population growth and other changes are inevitable, good planning now will ensure that the intrinsic value of the area is not eroded and that the historical, social, cultural, economic and environmental fabric is preserved for future generations.

The following documents are available from this site:

Foreword and Introduction Read the Foreword and Introduction
Download Executive SummaryDownload the Executive Summary (zipped Word6 document 23kB)
Download Main DocumentDownload the Main Document (zipped Word6 document 119kB)
Supplement Volume 1 - AppendicesDownload Supplement Volume 1 - Appendices (zipped Word6 document 55 kB)

For further information on Gundaroo, visit the Gundaroo Home Page.

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