The Jackson-Turner Story
by Fran Stephenson

The information that I have regarding William and Caroline Jackson was collected by myself and Robyn Byers, who is also a descendant of the Jacksons. The names that are of interest to us are: Jackson, Turner, Todd, Johnston, Duncombe, Martin, Yarnold and Worthington.

William Alexander Jackson
Born 1786 Edinburgh, Scotland. Died 1837 Gundaroo, NSW.
Caroline Jackson (Turner) Born 1799 Gloucester, England. Died 24/01/1895.

William Born 1825 Parramatta, NSW. Died Bankstown, NSW 1893.
Married: Catherine Johnston, 1854 Wondonga. Parents: W. Johnston and Sarah Gordon.

James Born 1828 Liverpool Rd, Sydney. Died Ultimo, Sydney 1875.
Married: Mary Ann Todd, 1860 All Saints, Sandhurst. Victoria.

Esther Born 1827 6 Hoare Town, Cowpastures, NSW. Died Concord, NSW 1857.
Married: George Yarnold, 26/10/1846 St Saviour Goulburn.
George died 1850.
Married: Thomas M. Worthington 1852.

Convict: William Jackson was sentenced to 14yrs for Forgery. He was transported to the colony on the ship named "Hebe", which arrived in Sydney 1820. He was employed by H.G. Douglas, Magistrate at Parramatta. He received a Conditional Pardon on Sept 22,1825. He married Caroline Turner on October 3rd 1825, St Johns Church of England, Parramatta.

1828 Census notes that William, Caroline and their 3 children reside at a Irish Farm, Botany. NSW. Occupation Farmer.
5th July 1830, Jackson owned and was Publican of the Royal Arms Inn, Liverpool Rd, Sydney. Formerly Licensed to Donald McLeod-Cabramatta, William Guise-Liverpool.
July 23 1834:Jackson purchased three allotments in the town of Goulburn.
1836:Jackson acquired a grant of 640 acres in Gundaroo, called "The Chain of Ponds". He also had a grant of 320 acres at Gundaroo, on the Yass River between Neston and the village reserve opposite Barnsdale, dated 1831. In 1833 he began building the "Old Harrow Inn" and a complex of associated structures. The Inn was licensed on the 17th June 1834 and was the first to open south of Lake George. He brought his wife and 3 children to Gundaroo from Sydney, and he did well in business at Gundaroo. William Jackson died in Sept 1837, aged 50. It was later suggested that he was murdered and his body dumped in a small creek at the back of the Inn (From WE.OR.Clemmenger, A Night at the Old Harrow, ms., Clemmenger-Farrell Correspondence).

Caroline Jackson took over the running of the businesses at Gundaroo and Sydney. The Insolvency Index states Caroline Jackson became insolvent. 20/07/1842. File No 317.

Caroline Jackson (Turner)

Convict: Caroline was convicted on 22/12/1822, Surrey, England, for stealing property to the value of twenty shilling and her sentenced was 7yrs. Caroline was transported to the colony on the ship Mary III, which arrived in Sydney on the 18th Oct 1823. Index Bound indents 1801-1835 show that she was employed by M. Norris. At the time of her marriage 1825, records show that her employer was Andrew Nash of the Woolpack Inn, Parramatta. Caroline received her Certificate of Freedom 12th December,1829. After William's death in 1837, and the bankruptcy case in 1842, Caroline married David Duncombe 11/03/1846, St Saviour, Goulburn. David died Goulburn 1848. Caroline married her 3rd husband, Alfred Martin, All Saints, Camden. 1849.

Caroline died on 24/01/1895 at Liverpool Rd, Bankstown NSW. She was buried at the Church of England Cemetery, Enfield, NSW.

In the Insolvency records there is a mention that Caroline received a letter from her sister, Annie Turner in England. In this letter it was mentioned that she was left some money by her uncle, George Turner, and that her father (no mention of his first name) was bringing the money out to her. It is also mentioned by Caroline to the court that her father, (Surname Turner) died on the voyage and the letter and money were lost. I guess this money was going to help her pay the debts she had incurred. Also mentioned in the Insolvency records, Caroline said her brother was looking after the store next to the Inn at Gundaroo. Unfortunately there is no first name of her brother and I am not sure what the store's name was. I am very interested in anyone who might know anything about the above, especially anyone who might relate to this line of the name Turner.

Fran Stephenson, P.O. Box 136, Wauchope, NSW.

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