Alchin/Lanham/Dowling (photographs)
Contributed by Cheryl Hewlett

photo 1

This wedding photograph was taken at Goulburn on 20.11.1920.

Clyde John Alchin is standing in the middle, to his left is Doris Edna Lanham (my grandmother). Clyde is buried at Narrandera, Doris at Cowra.

The other groom in the photo is Ernest Dowling and the other bride is Jessie Alchin (both Jessie and Ernest are on the list of interments in the Dalton cemetery).

I have no idea who the other people are in the photo, but would be very interested in knowing if someone recognises them.

photo 2

This photograph is of my grandfather Clyde John Alchin, youngest brother of Harold Gordon Alchin. I'm not sure how old he would have been here, he was born in 1892, died 31.10.1957 and was buried at Narrandera.

photo 3

This photo is of Doris Edna Alchin née Lanham my grandmother (Clyde Alchin's wife) and their son Roy Alchin (my father). The photo would have been taken about 1946.

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